Simple but effective help
Significantly improves the communication of medicine boxes.
Accessible information
Relevant data of each drug in a language that is understandable to the user.
For the whole family
Understandable for everyone regardless of age, gender or cultural level.
Time saving
It avoids having to re-read the leaflet when pharmacological function is forgotten.
270 pictograms
Grouped into six categories to help identify all drugs.
Configurable system
Customization by the user adapting it to their needs.

Farmiconos classification

Six categories that make up a complete system customizable for the user

Medicine format

Tablets, sprays, drops, syrups, suppositories, powders, injections, creams, ampoules…

Family member

To indicate the affected person. Grandfather, father, mother, child, baby… or even pets of the house (dog and cat).

Area to be treated

Parts of the body on which the treatment acts. Eyes, throat, heart, stomach, joints, muscles…


Determination of the dose in which the treatment should be taken, frequency and time intervals between each dose.

Time of day

During meals, before breakfast, after dinner, before bedtime, in the morning, etc.


Headache, swelling, cold, allergy, cough, low back pain, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, burns, fever…

Some examples

Configuration samples for some common conditions and symptoms.


Generic drug: OMEPRAZOL


Generic drug: LOPERAMIDE


Generic drug: PARACETAMOL